Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Windows Series

This series focuses on observations of a subject that is deliberately designed to be looked at but rarely does one stop to stare into these window displays and never does one admit to it.
They mostly exist in the peripheral vision of those traversing the commercial canyons of our modern world.
These windows represent a rich picking of arrangements contrived to show off and entice, but when observed in an objective manner reveal much about the motivations of society and act as a mirror both literally and figuratively. On the glass surface we can see ourselves looking back, in the space behind we see the rush of people and cars passing by, other buildings and trappings of the city, moving oblivious to the watching plastic eyes behind the glass.
These stationary sentinels have stories to tell, stories not about what they see yet cannot tell, but about the colours and styles of societies plumage as the seasons pass.
For the artist, the window gives an opportunity to engage with multiple layers of space on the one flat plane. When viewing these paintings initially a puzzle of mixed up shapes meets the eye, however once the reflected space is realized the abstraction begins to make sense.
They are derived from my own photographs of Perth shop windows.


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