Wednesday, October 8, 2008


The middle portrait of this alley was always going to be a challenge. A little loading bay or nook off the main alley portrayed in the previous post. The vast tonal variations with some bright sky obliterating much of the wall and distant building-tops in the top of the picture, and dark shadowy hard to discern shapes down the bottom did not deserve too much thought . Some colourful artwork and tags in the dark recess behind the stair structure added another element to deal with. 
It was the most difficult painting I've ever done to photograph accurately. Settled on doing it in sunlight on full auto.
The colour looks reasonably close but I think  it appears harsh overall in the photo compared to the original. Yet here it's maybe a bit washed out...I give up. My website might give a better impression.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sus Green

The City of Perth's "municipal officers" must give this little lane that runs between Murray and Wellington St's it's fair share of attention. To me it begs for some spray action. 
I've called it Sus Green because the lack of street art in this prime location has to be sus!

This ally provided me with a handful of possible compositions.